lifeboatsThe Queen Mary carried twenty four lifeboats. They measured 12 ft. wide by 36 feet long.  Each one was capable of holding 145 people. The lifeboats were lowered on winches. However, once the davits were released the boats used the force of gravity to lower to the water. The Queen Mary still has one working lifeboat. It is lifeboat #24 and they have presentations onboard at 1:00 pm. and 3:00 pm. daily.

This picture shows the graceful lines of the bridge and superstructure. Also the curved windows around the bottom is the Observation Bar. I love to sit in there and watch the beautiful sunsets.




The amazing bow. This ship went through seas so rough that the waves would actually crash over this huge bow. The waves would even crash over the bridge and go down the funnels.

Another view of the massive bow.

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