The old deck.
This is the old deck. It is very worn and dull looking. There are places that are splintering and in some cases even lifting up. I've also been told that it is leaking in places. So, the decision was made to repair and restore the deck. The red dots on the deck in this picture are drops of the red paint they used on the funnels. Apparently they were rather careless in painting them and then did not even bother to wipe the drops of paint off of the deck.

The old teak deak after it has been pulled up.

In this picture you can see the old teak decking that has been pulled up. The next step in the restoration is to cut them in half, about one inch thick, and then lay them onto a plywood sub floor. Then it is put back onto the deck


another picture of the restoration process.

This is also a picture of the restoration process. I think the over all results are good. It may not have the same symmetry as the original deck, but it looks nice to me. I do agree that the new deck does not feel as solid as the original when walking on it.


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